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This is definitely one of my favorite pictures of John :)

Oh, mine too! I remember getting slightly offended by his obscene hand gesture when I first saw it, no, yes, maybe. Skateboards are great, flipping the bird is great and John Lennon is great. This picture was destined to be a great one from the get go. 

captainharrison asked: hi bye

Your icon is giving me life right now. 


Just think about all the dogs and/or cats that are out there that you still haven’t got to pet yet. Think of all the delicious, baked goods you have yet to eat. All the amazing music you have yet to hear. John and George are happy and at peace now and are just waiting for us all to join them at their giant marshmellow, love-in, jam session up in the sky. Jesus is working the decks, playing DJ most nights. 

Anonymous asked: Help, I just watched like 15 videos of dahni talking about geo and then I watched one with Paul ringo and George and it was so cute and I'm crying because I miss him then I remembered how much I missed John too and I just can't stop crying help please :'(

I would help but it’d be like the lazy eyed leading the blind. I miss him so much too, I really, really do. Even though I didn’t know him personally,it doesn’t kill me any less to think that such a light has vanished from the world. That goes for the both of them. I awoke to the chorus of a dozen meowing, rabid cats outside my door. Feral fuckers woke me up before 6:00a.m. they shall all be slaughtered. Lisa VS the stray cats of the area. Let round one commence! John and George both liked cats so this is relevant. Those cats will kick my ass anyway so I’ll leave them to their own devices and/ or meow-vices. 

Anonymous asked: Sooo I just lost my virginity to a guy who looks just like John. I feel congratulations are in order. Interesting fact, it turns out I'm a screamer in bed. Never knew from masturbating.

Congradulations, man. When I lost my virginity the only people I told were my cat, my grandmother and my poster of George Harrison (who I apologized to for not being there in the sixties so he could have ravished me first.) I spent the following morning eating Linda McCartney vegetarian lasagna, drinking freshly squeezed orange juice and watching ‘Sex and the City’ re-runs, contemplating how great it was that I was ‘now officially a woman.’ And if that isn’t embarrassing, I don’t know what is. 

jonasbeatlesfan98 asked: Can you pair me with one Of The Beatles please? I have Blonde hair and blue eyes I wear glasses but tbh i can't be bothered wearing them lol, I play guitar and I do art, I've been told i've got a great sence of humour and sarcasticness, I just generally love music

Whenever I agree to ‘ship’ someone I get a million people asking me to do it so usually I don’t do it anymore but I’d pair you with John for sure. 

jonasbeatlesfan98 asked: Well this really isn't a question but I do you reckon Cyn loved having sex with John? I Do i bet she loved it as you know as well as i do that john was VERY sexually experienced. Do you see Cyn being the naughty, dirty type when it came to having sex with john? do you think that Cyn would've given John hand jobs and blowjobs and John would've eaten her out? do you think Cyn could've been a screamer when having sex? I'm sorry I love John and Cyn alot and I think bout their sex life Is that weird


Anonymous asked: Is Lila pronounced 'Lee-la' or 'Lie-la'?

In my head I hear it as ‘Lie-la’ like water lilo but with an ‘a’ intead of an ‘o’. So, not prounouned like the purple haired cyclops’ name on Futurama. 

Anonymous asked: Yes. Yes we are.

I have a couple, none as outrageously wonderful as John’s though. I’ll post my crotch findings later.