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Anonymous said: I used to think Jake Bugg was another Justin Bieber, but then I listened to his music and realized how wrong I was. His music is anything but commercial.

He’s coming to Ireland in like three weeks and I really wanna go see him/ have sex with him. But yeah, I was a bit apprehensive at first when I heard of him like I usually am with new, young musicians but I was so glad when I finally started listening to him. He’s so good. And he seems to avoid being in the limelight when he’s not playing music, which is very refreshing for someone his age in the public eye. I have a feeling he’s going to be huge in the next couple of years. I’m planning on hopping out my bedroom window with my ipod and a joint in a few minutes and I guarantee I’ll be listening to him the entire time I’m outside. He sings like a goat sometimes when he hits high notes but I find it cute. Stevie Nicks sounds kinda goat-ish sometimes and I love her too, plus look how successful she is? 

Anonymous said: It was Mandy I think, but eh- Mandy/Milly same diff-

Oh, Mandy, you came and you gave without taking. But I need you today, oh, Mandy. Right-o, I’ll have it up soon, thank you, sunshine. :)

Anonymous said: I'm surprised you like Jake Bugg. His music is really commercial.

Is this supposed to change my mind about wanting to suck him off whilst wearing a tiara? He’s cute, he writes good music and he likes the Beatles. He’s virtually perfect. Stop hating, grab a pair of skates and go skating. 

Anonymous said: im a leo amd which beatle would i get along with the most??????

I know Leos are compatible with Geminis too, so Paul, I’m guessing. 

Anonymous said: I just read about my zodiac sign and figured out that I'm an aquarius sign. It said that I get along better with Libras and Geminis! John is a Libra and Paulie is a Gemini!!!! Which means if I met them they would really get along with me! ^^ (George is a Pices and Ringo is a Cancer) By the way I just LOVE your blog! Its like my world made into a Tumblr account! You are like a goddess to me~

Well, I’m a Gemini and my best friend on the whole entire planet is an Aquarius, plus my good friend, ex-boyfriend is a Libra and I’ve never met a human being on the who I connect with on the same level I do/did with him. I get teased for it but I totally believe in Astrology, to an extent. Paul and John were immensely compatible if you believe in all that and the same goes for Ringo and George, their signs are the most compatible in the entire zodiac - with both sets of guys.  

Anonymous said: Ooh also check out The Growlers. I've only heard two or three songs by them and I've been meaning to listen to more bc I like their sound idk maybe you will too

I have two of their songs currently downloading, thank you, bud! :)

Anonymous said: Name your top 7 celebrities, dead or alive, that you would get high with.

Oh, good one! I’ve actually put some thought into this.

7/ James Dean. He’s the love of my life. I’d just get baked and lovingly stroke his hair all night. 

6/ Blake Harrison. The guy from the Inbetweeners who I have an appallingly embarrassing crush on. 

5/ Courtney Love. Preferably back in the 90’s though. 

4/ John Lennon. Can you even imagine how hilarious he’d be high? My God!

3/ Kurt Cobain! Please, please, please! 

2/ George Harrison. Puff, puff, pass, seduce! 

1/ Jimi Hendrix. Light of my life, cheese of my sandwich. He had a really high tolerance though so I’d probably be super embarrassed when he out-smoked me by miles. 

Anonymous said: When is NIL going to be posted?

What’s the name of the girl that George is hanging around with in the latest chapter? If you tell me her name I’ll have a new update up this weekend. I’m too lazy to go back and check what I called her but I do have the next chapter roughly written with her being referred to as “Milly” wherever her name happens to come up. 

Anonymous said: Is your hair naturally blonde?


Anonymous said: Do you talk about anything other than sex or drugs?

Well, I talk about music occasionally too.