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Anonymous said: Do you think Keith Richards is hot

No, he’s a poor man’s George Harrison. Or a rich man’s George Harrison, I don’t know which. I can see Keith but you know what I haven’t seen? A good Rolling Stones song since 1973. Nah, I’d probably give him a go if I’d smoked a few very good joints and drank some very nice champagne but meh, I wouldn’t set out to get him or anything. 

pallmccartney said: shit i'm on mobile and i accidentally just unfollowed u i'm v sorry about that mishap omg

This is unforgivable. I’m sending Paul around to your house right now to waggle his finger at you and shake his wise old head.

Anonymous said: Nil?

Nil points to Germany/ six points to Denmark. 

Anonymous said: Do you write fanfic?

Yeah, man. I dig writing the old smutty tale every now and again. 

Anonymous said: My boyfriend told me my breasts were too small and saggy. He wants me to get a boob job. What should I do?

Tell him his limp, little, noodle dick couldn’t satisfy the most sensitive vagina in all the world and that he should keep the money you could potentially spend on a boob-job and instead get his acorn surgically removed as to alleviate any future disappointment for the next girl he’s with. Then dump him and shag his hot, older brother or his dad if you’re more like me. He sounds like a major twat, dump him now. You and your perfect boobs deserve better. 

Anonymous said: I want Ringo to cum on my ass.

Sounds hygienic. And hey, don’t we all want someone to ejaculate on our bottoms? Is that the hip thing now? In my day it was in condoms or nostrils or nothing at all. 

cultcuteness said: Ur the fucking best

You betcha, babydoll. Same goes to you, you can be second best or we can share the best of the best, yeah? I’m a little high right now but woah compliment! So, thanks, man. Sending out good vibrations is what it’s all about. 

Anonymous said: What's your opinion on Americans?

My opinion is that they are from America. 

Whenever I look at a pic of John, I’m pretty sure I wail loudly because he’s so SEXY!

Anonymous said: But seriously, what is a four of fish and finger-pie? I never got that.