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The first two are written out roughly with bits of dialog and stuff needed to be added but more are less are nearly good to go and the others are just a few lines summarizing what’s gonna happen in that chapter. Can you dig it? I can dig it. I dug one out in the backyard about twenty mintues ago and I’m still feeling groovy. 

Anonymous said: You can play guitar???

No, I only own eight of them because I don’t have a dildo collection and if there’s two things I love, it’s music and a challenge. 

Anonymous said: Please stop it with the eminem shit or I will cut off your Beatle privileges!

^ You heard! 

Anonymous said: 'Ello! Any plans for nil ;))?

'Ello, governor! Care for a spot of tea and a lovely crumpet or two before we head off to play cricket with Mummy and go visit the Queen? Yes, my lovely, little cherub, I have plans for it and about five roughly written chapters etched out. 

georgeharrisonscheekbcnes said: ILYY


Anonymous said: Wait you own eight bitching guitars?? What kinds?

A Gibson Les Paul, two fender strats one is daphne blue the other has a sunburst finish, a fender Jag-Stang (The Kurt Cobain one) one electric-acoustic and two regular old acoustics, one I still play, the shitty, Eco one and the other is my first guitar, a Yamaha, that’s been virtually ignored for about two years because the action needs to be adjusted so badly and I’m too fucking lazy to get it in playable condition again. 

Anonymous said: Ok I'm confused why are people being so rude to you on here?

Because I slept with their dads or something stupid like that. I basically was asked my opinion on Eminem and I truthfully said I thought he was a homophobic, sexist prick whose music was awful and glamorized the rape, torture and killing of women, which to my knowledge is all true. I stood by what I said (still do) and so I was bombarded with weird messages claiming that it was okay for Eminem to do whatever he wanted because he’s the magical King of Candyland and that the rules don’t apply to him. That was all fine and dandy until it got even funnier when this person took on several personas to harass me with, repeatedly insulted John Lennon’s character in vain attempts to annoy me, called me names, insulted my intelligence, implied I used a thesaurus to form my sentences and made pitiful justifications for everything I said about why nor Skittles or his shitty music appeals to me. Honesty? They’re probably being rude to me because they ave absolutely nothing better to do with their day. 

Anonymous said: It's 2am here. I have to be up for work in 3.5 hours but I can't stop reading your New in Liverpool fic. I'm addicted. You write so freakin' well, girl. Not only is the story well written but you've got the boys' voices DOWN. I can really imagine those words coming out of their mouths; You haven't portrayed them as some cheesy stupid dream versions. They feel so real. LOVE it. Keep up the good work!

Oh, yay! Cool, glad you like it! <3

Anonymous said: Please leave Lisa alone. The title of her blog has the word Beatle in it. Who cares about white boys from Detroit? Go to that site. Here at Beatlesmut we care about Beatles and Bob Dylan and folk of that ilk. Groovy guys dead or alive who smoke pot and fuck a lot. If a dead Beatle can fuck, we will be there. Sorry. The end. I'm as bad as those others. Oh, yeah, spank me! Ha ha

They’re just jealous that I own eight bitching guitars and can do a back flip in the nude. That’s what’s really going on. 

Anonymous said: Who was /is a better lover, Pattie or Olivia?

Well, Pattie has more of a delicate touch whereas Olivia takes a firmer hand in the bedroom. And sometimes Pattie likes to wear these silk, French nigliges that she bought back when she was modelling over in Paris a few weeks ago and wait, I’m not George Harrison! Holy Shit, I already told Paul and John that I’d play with them on the Ed Sullivan show tonight.