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beatles-in-barefoot-county said: Ey man, where ya been? Gotten yourself arrested or something?

I almost was actually.

Anonymous said: you know, i wanna loose my virginity when im 17/18 that way, it will be 2017 and it will be 50 years since the summer of love and my 18 birthday will be exactly 50 years since the all you need is live world broadcast ;))

Anonymous said: If Pattie and Mo wanted you to join in on a lesbian threesome what would you do?

I’d do it if they did all the work and let me try on their clothes afterwards.

Anonymous said: Are you back for real this time, or are you going to be away again? I really missed you.

I probably won’t be on all that frequently for awhile but hopefully I can pop in now and again and check on the blog until I can get on regularly-ish again.

Anonymous said: I'd rather suck my own cock

For the price of a new record player and a four pack of red bull, I’ll suck it for you. I do anal for Beatles’ vinyl, tell yo friends, tell yo wife.

Anonymous said: you look like pattie

In my dreams perhaps.

Anonymous said: Could you pretty please with a george on top write a fic about you ( well whoever's reading ) going to a party in 66' and the beatles are there and they all like you, and they all talk to you and maybe feel you up a little ;)) and they all ask you to go 'somewhere quieter' at different times throughout the night but in the end you can only choose one but since you are as amazing as you are, you could make a link to what happens with each one :)) ily and you look like george and patties child :))

Someone write this, please and thanks.


Someone should write this into a song.

Anonymous said: Can we appreciate 1976 George for a moment....


Anonymous said: i miss you friend, but life goes on man. hope you're doin real well

I’ve missed tumblr, I’ve had no web access for ages though, life is tough. I’m doing reasonably well, hope you are too, dude.